Semantic Knowledge Graphs and Technologies

Training Courses

Semantic Knowledge Graphs


  • Introduction to Semantic Knowledge Graphs and Technologies
  • How to name things? (Unified Resource Identifiers)
  • How to represent facts? (Resource Definition Framework)
  • How to ask questions? (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language)
  • How to give sense to data? (Web Ontology Language)
  • How to validate data? (Shapes Constraint Language for validation of knowledge graphs and implementation of business rules)



  • Triple patterns
  • Filters
  • Counting and Binding
  • Functions on dates and times
  • Negation
  • Optional results
  • Combining results
  • String functions
  • Property paths
  • Querying Wikidata
  • Providing a list of input values
  • Federated queries
  • Default and named graphs
  • Other query forms
  • SPARQL Update

Resources: [wiki] SPARQL Knowledge Graph



  • Introduction to SHACL
  • Constraint Components
  • Targets
  • Path Expressions
  • Validation vocabulary
  • Generating User Interface
  • Rules

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